Strategic Planning

Providing The Framework

Strategic planning provides the framework for strategic intent, future objectives, focus, competitive position, decisions, and actions.

Strategic planning is a discovery, digesting, challenging, and building process that typically takes around 2-3 months.

We also discuss plan communication, buy-in, elasticity, and accountability.

Process Input

Leadership meetings and individual conferences

SWOT assessment or situation analysis – sales, profit, and other data, trends, information, and analysis; 80/20 rule; pain or onus for change; plus perceived and actual strengths, challenges, and opportunities

Competitiveness review – customers needs and analysis, competitive analysis or matrix, positioning, and differentiating

What's Answered

Purpose – why do we exist? What are we good at? What’s our relevancy?
Vision/future – what do we want our future to look like?
Core values – intentionally limited to very few, real and meaningful
Key goals/results – five to ten, and tied to purpose and vision
Key strategies – focused and limited, tied to purpose and vision; bold, meaningful, targeted, and difference making; plus determining tradeoffs

Almost without fail, companies and people that don’t have high expectations will achieve those expectations. Don’t be average.

Leadership and Management Matters

To win, to be a great company, you need great people, with leaders that are capable, interested, assimilate, simplify, cut through the noise, compete, and get it done. Leaders that have strong emotional intelligence skills, what organizational expert Daniel Goleman describes as selfawareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skill.

Inside or outside of a strategic planning process, Rice & Associates works with clients to attract, develop, and retain leaders.

Beyond strategic planning, Rice & Associates leadership
services include:
Management organization design – evolutionary
Compensation design – performance/incentive
Governance and accountability – e.g., board and senior management responsibilities, key measures /results, key activities, and reporting or decision rights
Executive recruitment
Individual leadership development
Board advisory – working with or as member of board of directors